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Erzberg est une compétition d'enduro qui se déroule en Autriche sur le terrain d'exploitation de minerai. 1300 compétiteurs pour une course déjantée pendant 48 heures.

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visiteur - Posté le 23 décembre 2015 à 13h30

Para mim, a carreira do Kimi na Formula 1 acoabu. E digo isto desde o inicio do ano. Sempre considerei que ele se tinha aplicado nesta nova carreira, e os resultados o comprovam.Se as pessoas achariam que o Kimi andaria aqui sf3 como um passatempo ate9 que uma vaga se abrisse, algures em 2011, e9 porque ne3o conhecem o Kimi Raikonnen. Pelo seu ar comprometido, vea-se que este1 a encarar isto como uma segunda carreira, e ne3o como uma espe9cie de "ano sabe1tico". Se quisesse fazer isso, teria ido para os Sport-Protf3tipos, Indy ou ficaria na farra durante seis meses, passando outros seis a perder a gordura acumulada ate9 se sentar num Red Bull em 2011. Portanto... o Kimi na Formula 1, apesar de nunca se poder dizer "nunca", e9 muito improve1vel. http://sqaheqy.com [url=http://npmxyb.com]npmxyb[/url] [link=http://zuqkmvv.com]zuqkmvv[/link]


visiteur - Posté le 22 décembre 2015 à 01h35

Thank you. Something just occurred to me when reandig your comment I think a big challenge in life is also learning how to listen to ourselves. There is so much noise in the day-to-day that I think we often forget to forge the quiet to listen to, and help, ourselves. Honestly, I think this is what happened with my drinking. For a long time, I was in a pattern that felt unhealthy and I would ramble on and on to my Husband about how I wanted to change, how I wanted to feel different. One day, I started listening to my own words. And that's when everything changed. Or I should say: That's when I changed everything. Or one thing. But for me that one thing felt like, and feels like, everything.Sorry for the tangent. Actually, not sorry for the tangent. I love tangents almost as much as I love rambling. They are part and parcel of the same thing, no?


visiteur - Posté le 20 décembre 2015 à 08h57

Listening is good. I love Nancy's comment: But to be able to sit in the unobtformacle with our loved ones to unflinchingly hold their fears, doubts and pain I agree that is a gift. Having just gone through the worst two years of my life (and that truly is no exaggeration), I can say that listening is special. My best friends, all with great intentions, most could not bring themselves to be close to me (out of fear that divorce is contagious I think). Alternatively they would spew ugliness (thinking that'd somehow help or mixing in their own troubles) or to to try fix things (as if they could they could not). I found I stopped talking to any of them except my sister. Because she would just listen.One other piece to note I was really, really helped by someone (funny because we are/were not all that close) who would just randomly call and ask me out for coffee or wine. And even though I declined more times that not, the constant random reaching out was priceless. I am so thankful. She just helped never asked what can I do . Just did. Brought me a house plant when I moved. Offered up her services and husband's truck for an IKEA visit when I moved. Showed up with a bottle of wine . I think I could've isolated myself so easily but she kept me living. http://kfjmlgjy.com [url=http://bbvmjxuepml.com]bbvmjxuepml[/url] [link=http://vwiiwzkk.com]vwiiwzkk[/link]


visiteur - Posté le 18 décembre 2015 à 15h20

I am so thankful for this cenmomt, Nancy. Because I have felt so often that I have zero expertise, that I am not a counselor. But, again, I am realizing more and more how little this matters. What I have are ears and experiences and emotions and time. I have been through really hard times in my own life and what I wanted and appreciated then was listening, people who would check in and ask how I was doing. That was all I needed. Nothing more. It's good to remember this. As for the advice thing I have been thinking so much about advice recently, and what it means. I am slated to do a video interview this coming Tuesday for a wonderful career website for young women and I am supposed to speak for a bit and offer some professional advice for women in their twenties. And I felt myself resisting the very notion of advice. But I am realizing more and more that we are all experts in something, that we have things to say, insights to offer. And that's all advice really is.So. I have been thinking a lot about the things I have learned. And there are so many things, so many bits that have occurred to me. They are little snips of wisdom I would like to remember FOR ME and I realize that maybe, just maybe, that is what advice is. Things we have felt, and arrived at, passed along.Anyway, I am rambling and oh how I love rambling, but thank you. I wanted to publish this little post because this is all stuff I've really been thinking about and it strikes me as important.xox


visiteur - Posté le 01 août 2011 à 10h38

YLGlZj wjdwlwemmhpu


visiteur - Posté le 01 août 2011 à 03h32

These topics are so conufsing but this helped me get the job done.


visiteur - Posté le 14 décembre 2008 à 17h07

super super le plus terrain de j'ai vue


buellmax - Posté le 11 novembre 2008 à 22h41

sacré putain de terrain de jeu , super vidéo, trop courte , lol,


visiteur - Posté le 13 août 2008 à 20h27



visiteur - Posté le 11 août 2008 à 18h25



matt50samy - Posté le 07 juillet 2008 à 23h56

Bienvenu sur la planet mars !!!


manutnt1 - Posté le 04 juillet 2008 à 15h58

beau terrain de jeu en effet Grand sourire


madpilou - Posté le 22 juin 2008 à 22h51


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